People enjoying river rafting
  • A three day weekend getaway : The prime focus of the camp are to enhance and revitalize energy, enthusiasm and refine directions, steps for progress and lead
  • Involve both physical and mental challenges
  • To Instill leadership qualities and building up future community leaders
  • The Leadership Camp programme is suitable for those who have completed our Bright Ideas (BI) workshop, Become Successful Owner Manager (BSOM) workshop, or for those who are already in the business, and or about to embark into business.
  • The other criteria are for those who are physically fit, and enthusiastic to participate in the challenges of managing time, managing team and managing oneself.

More in Courses and Workshops


A fundamental 2-hour workshop that comprises of applied theories and practical activities.

Bright Ideas

To raise awareness of self-employment and business start-ups.

Business Plan Series

Workshop that gets the participants to discuss and present their business plan.

Become a Successful Owner Manager (BSOM) Workshop

For participants who wish to grow their business ideas into actual businesses.