Entrepreneurs must acquire excellent leadership skills to lead their organizations.

This three-day camp is designed to assess participants’ leadership qualities and equip them with leadership elements.

The Leadership Camp is divided into seven sessions, which will be conducted in a hall and open natural environment. There will be individual working and learning process or group sharing-discussion in every session.

Course Contents

  • Day 1
    • Session 1 – Introductions and Self Assessment
    • Session 2 –Leadership, Joharí’s Windows and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Day 2
    • Session 3 – Physical Challenge Part 1 (Hiking or Trekking)
    • Session 4 – Physical Challenge Part 2 (Obstacle Courses and Teambuilding Activities)
    • Session 5 – 8 Keys of Excellence
  • Day 3
    • Session 6 – Group Experience Sharing,
    • Session 7 – Self Assessment and Leadership Declarations

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