Leadership Camp Trandie Marina Resort
LiveWIRE Leadership Camp at Trandie Marina Resort

The three-day exploration programme, aimed at inculcating leadership values within individuals, was held at Trandie Marina Resorts in the Temburong District.

Working from the concept of ‘transforming’ rather than ‘changing’ a person, the programme hoped to create a ‘Community of Practice’ approach, according to Pengiran Redzuan bin Pengiran Haji Abbas, LiveWIRE Brunei Programme Director and Lead Facilitator for the Leadership Camp programme.

He added the programme also aimed to eliminate the Bruneian mindset of “I couldn’t care less”.

“If Bruneian leaders are like that, then their followers will be fearful,” he said. (At the camp), we don’t try to change people since people (by nature) don’t want to change. So instead we attempt to transform them,” Pengiran Redzuan said, emphasising the concept of unity among the participants.

Participants were exposed to the natural elements and characteristics that make up a leader through theoretical and practical sessions spaced out during the ‘55 hours away from home’ programme, as referred to by LiveWIRE.

During the theoretical sessions, Pengiran Redzuan and LiveWIRE Senior Business Counsellor Mohd Fadhilullah Tudun bin Haji Hassan shared with the participants renowned psychological concepts from Joseph Luft, Harry Ingham’s Johari Window, and Abraham Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs.’

Participants were also made to look back on situations from their pasts, and asked where they could apply such concepts into practice in the future.

Gerai Ramadhan
The LiveWIRE booth at Gerai Ramadhan

Meanwhile, the practical session included a day-long jungle trek and obstacle course where participants were monitored by supervisors for how well they were able to lead and motivate others, as well as how they performed as team players.

Pengiran Redzuan said he chose Temburong for the leadership camp because he wanted to bring participants into a “different environment”, while giving them the chance to appreciate the natural beauty of the place.

Another LiveWIRE programme, the Business Plan Series (BPS) workshop, was held earlier the month, involving 28 participants from DARe (Darussalam Enterprise).

Mohd Fadhilullah, the programme facilitator, explained that the aim of the BPS workshop is to provide participants with the tools and techniques for writing a viable business plan.

Mohamad Fadhilullah said that though the BPS workshop participants typically comprise individuals who have participated in the LiveWIRE Business Plan Awards competition, the workshop is also open to the public.

He added that the knowledge gained from creating a business plan is not just useful for the competition, but can also be applied by participants when sharing their business ideas with investors or used to start their own businesses.

Mohamad Fadhilullah had previously participated in several business plan competitions including the LiveWIRE Business Plan Awards.

Meanwhile, this will also be the 7th consecutive year that LiveWIRE will be involved in the Ramadhan stalls – a month-long annual charity bazaar organised by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and partaken by LiveWIRE Brunei Business Network (LWBN) graduate entrepreneurs to gain valuable hands-on experience on the day-to-day running of a stall business.

Stalls set up next to the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium (located at K25 and K26) and along Jalan Bendahara in front of the Royal Regalia building (stalls number 64 to 69) will be selling an array of local delicacies, snacks, treats and tidbits.

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